Aung’s Story

Aung comes from a family near Bagan which for generations has climbed palm trees to collect nuts. He was at school when his father, the only breadwinner in the family, fell out of a tree breaking his back. Aung was forced to leave education and carry on the family business to now support his father, mother and disabled sister. Shortly after taking over he had the same accident as his father, falling out of the tree and breaking his back.

Three years ago we heard about their plight and that the family were starving and living off the goodwill of their neighbours. We arranged for Aung to be brought to Yangon to the Starfish Centre leaving his father at the family home.

We took him to see specialists but the damage to his spine was inoperable. He has been living at the starfish centre getting daily physiotherapy treatment. Aung has persevered with hours of intensive exercise every day and is now able to hobble around with the aid of crutches.

We have been training him in computer skills and some administration tasks and he is now working for us and receiving a salary with which he can support the family.

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