Starfish Centre for Disabled Children

The Starfish Centre for Disabled Children was opened in 2010. Currently, there are about 100 children registered. Every day classes are held for children with various physical and mental disabilities such as Down’s syndrome and autism. The children are taught by 7 trained special needs teachers. The number of children attending is growing constantly with […]

Z.O. Orphanage

400 girls live here – many of them are orphans and others are from very poor, mainly one-parent families who are unable to support them. The orphanage is run by a small group of dedicated Buddhist nuns who also oversee the school which teaches over 1000 local children. We pay the wages for 10 teachers […]

Good Hope Boarding School

Many students from remote areas finish primary school (grades 1-5) and while some go on to middle school (grades 6-9) there are very few high schools (grade 10-11) in rural areas so they are unable to complete their education. We run a boarding school for 64 high school students. We employ 2 full time mentors/teachers […]

Clean Drinking Water

We have installed wells in a number of schools and villages. In some areas where we were unable to dig a well we have run pipes from the nearest well or stream –  in some cases up to 2 km away. One of the major causes of serious illness and death in poor communities is contaminated […]

Myo Min

In 2008 while visiting an orphanage Duncan found Myo Min. He was desperately ill and could hardly stand. He was abandoned as a baby and the person that found him took him to the orphanage run by monks who were so poor that they could not feed the children properly or pay for medical care. […]

Aung’s Story

Aung comes from a family near Bagan which for generations has climbed palm trees to collect nuts. He was at school when his father, the only breadwinner in the family, fell out of a tree breaking his back. Aung was forced to leave education and carry on the family business to now support his father, […]

Feeding Programmes

This is organised by Min Nyunt (Patrick) a Burmese businessman who runs the Golden Gate guesthouse and the San Francisco restaurant. In his spare time he is dedicated to improving the lives of local disadvantaged children. If you are visiting Myanmar do pay his establishment a visit and join in with feeding the children.

Helping Street Kids

We are supporting a group of Roman Catholic nuns and priests in Mandalay who help hundreds of street kids with food, healthcare, education and accomodation. We have paid 50% of the building cost of a house that accommodates at least 30 homeless children.