Starfish Centre for Disabled Children

The Starfish Centre for Disabled Children was opened in 2010. Currently, there are about 100 children registered. Every day classes are held for children with various physical and mental disabilities such as Down’s syndrome and autism. The children are taught by 7 trained special needs teachers. The number of children attending is growing constantly with […]

Disability Awareness Program

We have started a project to raise awareness of disability in both the community and the teaching and medical professions. Meetings are being held in villages and townships and the local people are enticed to attend with the promise of tea and cake. They are then given a talk on general health and child care, […]

Dagon Clinic

We opened this clinic in 2009 and it is now managed by the Department of Health in Myanmar. The local authority provided the land on which the clinic was built. The clinic consists of a reception area, two consulting rooms and toilets. We also installed a well for the village. In 2011 the government agreed […]

Medical Operations

In the past few years we have arranged numerous operations for children. Over 30 open heart surgeries have been completed with the majority of the patients now living normal lives. Many children’s deformities have been corrected and at least 20 children who were unable to walk properly due to club feet or orthopaedic problems can […]

AZM Orphanage/School

This is an orphanage for 150 children. Twice a week our staff visit to wash all the children’s clothes and also provide them with a good meal. As with many orphanages we support, we prefer to actively arrange meals or other services ourselves rather than hand money over to the people who run the projects. […]

Z.O. Orphanage

400 girls live here – many of them are orphans and others are from very poor, mainly one-parent families who are unable to support them. The orphanage is run by a small group of dedicated Buddhist nuns who also oversee the school which teaches over 1000 local children. We pay the wages for 10 teachers […]

Panna School

This primary school is the fifth school that we have built for Palaung children in the hills of Shan state. It was built halfway between two villages so that families from both would be able to take their children. At present there are 70 students but it is quite possible that more will come from […]

Palaung Schools

In the hills of Northern Shan State we built four schools for the Palaung people. Each school has 2 or 3 teachers and is attended by 70 to 90 students. The majority of the people in this area are illiterate and there are no educational facilities in most of the hill tribe villages. We cover […]