Panna School

This primary school is the fifth school that we have built for Palaung children in the hills of Shan state. It was built halfway between two villages so that families from both would be able to take their children. At present there are 70 students but it is quite possible that more will come from […]

Palaung Schools

In the hills of Northern Shan State we built four schools for the Palaung people. Each school has 2 or 3 teachers and is attended by 70 to 90 students. The majority of the people in this area are illiterate and there are no educational facilities in most of the hill tribe villages. We cover […]

Good Hope Boarding School

Many students from remote areas finish primary school (grades 1-5) and while some go on to middle school (grades 6-9) there are very few high schools (grade 10-11) in rural areas so they are unable to complete their education. We run a boarding school for 64 high school students. We employ 2 full time mentors/teachers […]

Bagan Island School

On an island in the Irrawaddy River we built a primary school for 35 children who were unable to cross the river during the 4 month wet season to go to school on the mainland. We employ one teacher who lives on the island.

Pyay Schools

We have built seven schools in this area which are teaching over 400 students including a high school with a dormitory so that students can attend from distant villages and stay overnight during the week. Our thanks to the Waterloo Foundation, the True Volunteer Foundation and the Hong Kong Roundtable for their generous help to […]

Py Ywe Library

At this school near Bagan we built a large library and installed a well. The children come from miles around to take out books and even at weekends the reading room is usually full.

Funding School Costs

Although primary school education is now nominally free for children in Myanmar there are still costs involved for the parents and families. Most children have to provide their own stationery, many have to buy a simple school uniform and parents are often asked to support teacher’s salaries. Consequently many of the poorest children in Myanmar […]

Joe Kan School

In Joe Kan village near Bagan, there are 48 children at the the primary school who used to have to travel 5 miles to the nearest small town to be educated. During the wet season they had to cross four streams, and many children were forced to stay at home. The school was funded with […]

Man Kan School

This latest primary school in the village of Man Kan is the seventh school that we have built in the Pyay district. There are currently 50 children attending. We are paying the salaries for two teachers but the community leaders have applied to the education authority for them to take it over as a state […]