Medical Operations

Above: Thu Zar Win required an urgent operation on her infected leg which was stuffed with dirty dressing.

In the past few years we have arranged numerous operations for children. Over 30 open heart surgeries have been completed with the majority of the patients now living normal lives. Many children’s deformities have been corrected and at least 20 children who were unable to walk properly due to club feet or orthopaedic problems can now move normally.

Other operations include eye surgery, tumour removal, burn treatment, cleft palate and reconstructive surgery. Many of the patients come from remote areas and we cover their transport, accommodation and expenses whilst they undergo treatment or a series of operations.

Above: Before and after, a boy receives corrective surgery on his legs.

Above: Before and after, a boy has a 2kg tumour removed from his stomach.

Above: Two children recovering from heart surgery.

Above: Before and after surgery for a deformed lip.

Above: Two happy girls after surgery for deformed feet.

Above: A child happy and now able to walk after surgery.

Above: Recovering from burn reconstructive surgery.

Above: We funded the operation for the amputation of this boy’s leg which was cancerous.

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